Connect with your clients
This tutorial demonstrates how to schedule events (in-person and virtual) with your clients, and how to stay connected with your clients via the chat and video services
1. Select a client
Click on the client that you wish to schedule an appointment with
2. Select "Timeline and Events"
This will take you to their timeline page, from which you can view all their scheduled events and create a new event. You could also click "Add an event" to quickly add a new event
3. Add a new event
Click the plus (+) button in the bottom-right corner to create a new event
4. Enter the event details
Enter the event name, start and end dates/times and a description for the event. Select if the event is in-person or virtual (video call)
5. Save the event
Once you are done entering the event details, click the save icon in the top-right corner
The event is now saved to your client's timeline. They will also be able to see the scheduled event in their client app
6. Attend the event
For virtual events, you can start the call by clicking on the event from the client's timeline. This step is not needed for in-person events
What your client sees
Your client can view all scheduled events from their timeline in the client app
7. Tell your client to join the event
Tell your client to join a virtual event from their client app by selecting the event in their timeline and clicking "Join video call". This step is not needed for in-person events
8. Stay connected to your clients via chat
Outside of scheduled event times, you can communicate with your clients via the Chat tab of the app. Your clients can send and receive messages via their client app
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