Professional tools
This tutorial demonstrates how to make use of tools designed for doulas and midwives to monitor the progression of pregnancy and labor
1. Select a client
Click on the client that you wish to update details for
2. Enter edit mode
Click on the pencil icon (bottom right corner) to enter editing mode. Once you are in editing mode you will be able to update your client's details
3. Add a birth detail
Click "Add Birth Detail" to add a new detail about your client's labor experience
4. Add your client's labor details
Edit the time of the event and the dilation, effacement and station values. You can add multiple of these events as the labor progresses
5. Edit the date
Select the date corresponding to the labor event
6. Edit the time
Select the time corresponding to the labor event
7. Edit the values
Select the values for the dilation, effacement and station. The values that you choose should be highlighted in purple. Click the save icon (top right corner) when you are done
You should now be able to see the details saved to your client's profile
If you make an error or for some other reason would like to delete the values added, you can do this by swiping the card
8. Add birth information
You can also add details about the birth outcome. Remember to turn on editing mode (pencil icon in bottom right corner) to make changes and click the save icon when you are done
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