Invite your clients
This tutorial demonstrates how to invite a new client to the Velmio Care app
1. Go to the Clients tab
From the Clients tab you can manage your clients. You can add new clients and archive or delete old clients
2. Fill in the details of your new client
Enter the name of your new client and their email address in the text boxes provided, then click "Next"
3. Enter a message for your client
You can optionally provide a message that will be sent with the invite to your client
4. Review the invite and send it
Check the details are correct then send the invite by clicking "Send the invite via email". This will send an invite to your client's email address
5. Tell your client to check their emails
Your client will receive an email that looks like this, containing an access code for the client app. Tell your client to check their emails and follow the instructions provided to install the app and activate their invite
6. Wait for your client to accept the invite
As soon as you send the invite your new client will show as "Pending" in your app. Once they accept the invite they will become a "Current' client
What your client sees
In the client app your client will be able to enter the access code sent to them via email
Once they have activated the invite your client will be able to access chat, video, events, articles and other tools connected to their carer
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