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We are empowering patients with the next generation of digital therapeutics for managing all aspects of their health
The Gap in Healthcare
While access to medical care is important for good health, your own personal behaviours actually have a far greater influence on your health status
Where health expenditure is directed
What actually determines our health
Source: New England Healthcare Institute
Source: New England Healthcare Institute
Our Approach
Our innovations connect all key factors that determine your health, benefiting all stakeholders in the healthcare system
Connected Health
Velmio's Health Fabric technology securely connects data across hundreds of sources, creating a "digital twin" for your health
Precision Medicine
Advanced mathematical and machine learning technology enabling early detection, prevention and ongoing monitoring of health issues
Our R&D in the field of digital therapeutics led us to develop a new approach for combining traditional medicine, AI and health apps without reliance on proprietary hardware
Digitally Enhanced Drugs
Future of Maternal Health
Velma is the first digital health app that improves pregnancy health outcomes through advanced lifestyle monitoring and artificial intelligence