Velmio Health
Digital health solutions for improving the efficiency and quality of maternity healthcare
Velmio is a leading digital health startup for pregnancy care with offices in Europe and Australia. In conjunction with leading AI researchers, we are developing new digital health solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of maternity healthcare
Our Technology
Our advanced mathematical and AI-driven technologies create a seamless bridge between digital health records, wearable data and telemonitoring
Health Fabric
The first complete digital health profile connecting all relevant data sources for comprehensive health monitoring. Health fabric fluidly responds to whatever aspects of health and lifestyle an individual needs to monitor for their condition or wellbeing
Bayesian Engine
Advanced machine learning technologies predicting health issues before they occur and preventing adverse health outcomes. Our expert team are at the forefront of research and development of the next generation of AI-powered solutions for managing our health
Asynchronous Telemedicine
Chatbot triaging patient requests and connecting users to a smart tele-monitoring service for data-driven consultations with health professionals. This enables doctors to make better clinical decisions and provide healthcare that is tailored to individual needs
Use Cases
Our technology is designed as a set of modular components that can be rapidly tailored for a variety of scenarios:
  • Maternal Digital Education
    Our platform can automatically show patients the right pregnancy care advice at the right time
  • Telemonitoring
    Continuously monitor a patients lifestyle and biomarkers at home (ex: using wearable devices and at-home medical devices) and connect with them via video or chat
  • Reducing workload
    Our mobile app for patients can answer common questions about pregnancy symptoms, risks and complications. This reduces the load on your practice in non-critical cases, but forwards patients to contact you when the risk is high
  • Decision Support System
    AI powered tool that recommends best patient management pathways based on the patient's risk factors and symptoms
  • Genetics Assessment
    A clinician-focused tool that computes genetics or other clinical data-based risk scores to identify high risk patients
  • Appointments Management
    Take advantage of our intelligent tools for workload and booking management
Used by 30000 patients in 90 countries
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