Training to become a doula

Getting started with your doula training, setting up your business and growing your client base
Training and certification

Birth and postpartum doulas

Starting or continuing your education
Here list skills or education that are useful to know
Business growth

Grow your doula business virtually

There are many benefits to offering remote services to clients, either exclusively or as a supplement to in-person care
Why offer remote services?
A remote service offering enables you to support clients that reside outside of your normal service area. These clients may not have access to doulas in their immediate community but could largely benefit from virtual care options.

Virtual tools let you provide continued support to your clients and respond to urgent requests for help. You can also be virtually present for clients when regulations or other restrictions prevent in-person attendance at hospitals or other birthing facilities.

Busy parents-to-be may prefer some types of meetings, such as planning sessions, to be conducted virtually. Remote service offerings can help you reach clients who may be otherwise busy with travel or work.
How the Velmio care app helps you provide remote care services
Stay in touch with your clients using direct messages
Schedule both in-person and virtual sessions with your clients
Manage virtual sessions and operate video calls from the app